Welcome to SEAmphipods

Welcome to the South East Asian Amphipod Database

SEAmphipods is a source of data and real-time information for the ORDER AMPHIPODA primarily from the South East Asian waters. These notable and omnipresent animals belong to the very diverse crustacean class Malacostraca, which includes other common groups such as crabs, lobsters and shrimp. The order Amphipoda is part of the superorder Peracarida, uniting a diverse group of small shrimp-like taxa that brood their young in a pouch, with no independent larval dispersal stage.

This South East Asian region is significantly rich in terms of biodiversity resources but it presents us with one of the least studied in the globe. The available data in the region are sporadic, inaccessible and not well managed and formatted. The inventory, assessment and sharing well-documented biodiversity information of the region have become essential to improve understanding, efficient conservation and management of these resources.

The aim of this SEAmphipods is to provide a regional platform to publish, harvest and use biodiversity data from this South East Asian waters and geo-referencing biodiversity data. The SEAmphipods database brings in together seven regional member countries from these waters: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and also China; and furthermore aims to initiate a regional collaboration to develop and share biodiversity information within the region.

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